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“Throughout our considerable experience of working in the fitness industry, we have yet to see a fitness studio that addresses two of the most important components for a pain and injury-free life: Assessment & Recovery.

Every one of us has had an injury that has put us out of commission for a few days, weeks, or even months.  The pain subsides and we jump back into our workouts…never stopping to think, “what if I’m not ready?  What if I’ve built an imbalance that could contribute to another injury?” 

Our mission is to take the guesswork out of how your body should function. At Rise4, we ensure your foundation is set for healthy and consistent progressions without any setbacks. Understanding your movement patterns allows us the ability to curate a plan specifically for your body’s needs, correcting any imbalances to prevent injury while ensuring proper rest and recovery.  Ultimately, we want you to become the best version of yourself so you can live a long, pain-free life doing the things you love.

Group Fitness: Be led through precise, functional movements during our 45-minute group fitness classes with up to 24 other members. Daily workouts will follow a specialized program to build strength and stamina for distinct muscle groups with proper recovery throughout. Before your first class, our physical therapist and movement specialist will provide an initial body movement evaluation, enabling our coaches to provide specific cues and alterations for each exercise, ensuring healthy, injury-free movements throughout the entire class. Additionally, our proprietary video technology will provide a seamless guide through the entire class with display monitors to ensure you are always on track.

Personal Training: Make clear-guided progress to your health & wellness goals by pairing with one of our experienced trainers. Each session is entirely built and catered to help you meet your goals, whether your primary focus is for strength, performance, or wellness. Pair up with another athlete (or friend) who has similar goals and save a few pennies with our semi-personal training sessions. Reach out to any of our staff to inquire about pricing discounts for whole program purchases and scheduling.

Nutritional Coaching: Old habits die hard, and your body’s performance will only be as good as the fuel you feed it. Work with our nutrition experts to kick those bad habits and build a lifestyle that caters to your best health. Nutrition is the single greatest thing you can prioritize to change your health and we are excited to share all the latest science. Reach out to any of our staff for more details on our services including pricing and scheduling.

Here’s a link to some recipes put together by the R4 staff: Rise 4 Recipes

Physical Therapy: It’s hard to reach your goals when you’ve got a nagging injury preventing you from optimum performance. Our on-staff physical therapist offers a full range of services, from a quick 20-minute injury screening to uncover a diagnosis, to a full-blown evaluation that will provide you with the necessary movement patterns and exercises to recover. We want to get you back to doing what you love most, and our physical therapist puts the power and knowledge in your hands to get there. Of course, everyone needs a little help along the way, and follow-up appointments can be scheduled to guide you through the entire recovery process at your own pace.