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Looking to open your own gym?

Have a Gym & want to add a group fitness component?

Want to create and customize group workouts?
Rise4 is here to empower gym owners and trainers with a revolutionary software solution designed to transform group fitness. Our SaaS-based group fitness software is built on years of industry experience and is inspired by the success of our functional cross-training methodology. Discover how Rise4 can revolutionize your gym and propel your business toward unparalleled success.
Why choose RISE4 services?




At Rise4, we understand the unique challenges faced by fitness entrepreneurs and gym owners. That’s why we’ve developed comprehensive group fitness software that addresses these challenges head-on, enabling you to streamline operations, enhance member engagement, and maximize profitability.



Rise4 provides you with the tools to create group workouts that align with your gym’s vision and cater to your members’ needs. With access to over 700 movements and 14 pre-built workouts, you’ll never run out of engaging and effective workout options.


Our software seamlessly integrates with your gym’s TV screens, bringing workouts to life with streaming video demonstrations and precise timers. Say goodbye to technical glitches and enjoy a flawless and immersive workout experience for your members.

Personalized Support & Training

At Rise4, we believe in providing exceptional support and training to ensure your success. Our team of experts will guide you through the implementation process, offering initial programming assistance. You’ll also receive software training and setup help, along with monthly phone support to address any questions or concerns.

Brand Your Gym,

Scale Your Business

Make your gym stand out with Rise4’s customizable branding options.


We offer the flexibility to brand the software with your gym's logo, giving your business a professional and cohesive identity.


Additionally, our software is built to scale with your growing membership base, ensuring a seamless experience as your business expands.

Upgrade Options for Enhanced Member Experience

Take your fitness offerings to the next level with Rise4’s upgrade options. 

Allow individual member access outside of the gym to ensure continued engagement and progression. 

Offer individual workouts and recovery plans to cater to each member’s unique goals and preferences.

 Access new pre-built workouts every 6 weeks to keep your members engaged and excited, and enable trainers and physical therapists to create personalized workouts for clients outside of the group fitness membership.


For new gym owners, we offer a comprehensive consulting package to ensure a successful launch.

 Receive expert guidance on estimated start-up costs, two-year projections based on our proven group training model, site selection assistance, branding and marketing strategies, and social media setup. We also provide QuickBooks setup, accounting help, and Mindbody training for streamlined operations. 

As a bonus, enjoy a trip for two people to Salt Lake City, including flights, hotel accommodations, live workouts, and valuable Q&A sessions with our experienced team.