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Rise4 was founded with an understanding that we are stronger when we rise together. Created as a thriving foundation for the fitness community, Rise4 prioritizes the health and wellness of its members by focusing on these four key components:

ASSESS: Set the foundation

TRAIN: Put in the work

RECOVER: Rebuild and reset

REPEAT: Consistency is key

Move freely. Be stronger. Live better.

Become a Founding Member 

With an anticipated opening date of February 15th, 2022, Rise4 is offering exclusive pricing for the first 75 members to sign up. As our original supporters, these founding members will be allowed to maintain substantially discounted monthly pricing (15% off an Essential or Enhanced subscription) for as long as they keep their membership. In addition, they’ll receive special apparel & other benefits. Sign up ASAP to join our waiting list and secure your place as one of our founding members.

The Way

we do it

While your aspirations might revolve around getting fit, losing weight, or preventing injury, the ultimate goal is to feel good.  At Rise4, our mission is to help you achieve your goals while leveraging the vibrant support of our growing community. In this way, we will all RISE together.

While most fitness studios focus only on the workout, Rise4 takes a more holistic approach to help its members realize their peak vision of health.

Overall wellness isn’t just about the workout, and that’s why we focus on the following

4 steps
1) Assess: Each member can receive a functional movement pattern assessment with our Physical Therapist and movement specialist. Through careful analysis, our certified team can pinpoint mobility and muscular imbalances while developing a plan to reduce risk of injury and improve overall bodily function. In addition, an Inbody scanner can be used to analyze and track body composition.

2) Train: The innovative Rise4 coaching team will provide a variety of group training classes that utilize full body movement patterns. These classes will proceed through a weekly progression, focusing on a different energy systems each day. For individuals who want to push it even further, professional personal training will also be made available to cater to more specific goals.

3) Recover: Both scientific and anecdotal evidence point to the value of an appropriate recovery plan to stimulate muscle growth, improve mobility, and prevent injury. Rise4 offers a performance recovery lounge, equipped with the latest recovery tools & technology (from our partners at Hyperice) that are sure to bring body and mind into a restorative state. For more specialized needs, Rise4 maintains a Doctor of Physical Therapy on staff to address significant pain points and injuries.

4) Repeat: Habits are not a finish line to be crossed, but a lifestyle to be lived.

The Workouts

At RISE4 we will have a full body mix of group training programs throughout the week. Additionally, we’ll have recovery based workouts added in after a 6 week training cycle.

Our goal is to address all modalities of cross training to ensure that we are working towards full body strength, conditioning, endurance, mobility and recovery. So, if you are looking to become functionally fit while looking and feeling your best, this program is for you!  Each day of the week brings a different focus.  Below are our current workouts.

Monday’s workout is “Intensity.” The focus is on metabolic full body training. Our goal here is to keep our intensity high by using lighter weights and aim for higher reps with shorter work time, less rest and more sets. Increasing our metabolic capacity will help us expend more calories throughout the day. Another great benefit to this method of training if done consistently is that our resting metabolic rate goes up overall. Which leads to a more efficient fuel/fat burning system.

Tuesday’s workout is “Strength.” Work upper and lower compound and accessory movements on a progressive 6 week block. We will focus on higher reps the first 2 weeks and then work down in reps and up in weight bi-weekly; Progressively building strength and muscle throughout the training cycle.

Wednesday’s workout is “Stability.” We will identify the weaker points of your body so we can build on them and you can truly become the most balanced version of yourself. Offset, unilateral, anti-rotational, and stability focused movements.

Thursday’s workout is “Build.” Build strength, muscle and control. Work each movement to 90 degree angles via eccentric and isometric contractions. Control the weight down (eccentric) for 3 seconds to 90 angle and locking it in for a 3 second hold (isometric) and driving out for 1 second.

Friday’s workout is “Power.” High velocity with relatively low weight and shorter work time. Strength + speed = power. Power in this format will boost aerobic and anaerobic systems to help with overall fat utilization and ultimately fat loss.

Saturday’s workout is “Burn.” A mix of conditioning and resistance based work with the goal of increasing overall full body muscular endurance and strength.

Sunday’s workout is “Rise & Recover.” Low tempo bodyweight movements focusing on mobility and stretching to open up the body, accompanied by work on the Concept2 ergs to flush out the body. Leave feeling regenerated and refreshed to take on the weeks more intensive workouts.

The Experts


Sam Stephens

Head Trainer



Shannon Ballinger

Physical Therapist


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